14 June, 2011


It’s hard to believe I’ve been home 5 days already. Adjusting to my ‘normal’ life back home has been strange to say the least, everything is different here – the people, the landscapes, the climate. I’m surrounded by mzungus, the traffic round here doesn’t seem to use their horns much, and where have the banana trees gone? Actually I’m sad to say that everything at home does feel normal once more, it’s scary how quickly you slot into the groove. Over the weekend I was absolutely bushed from the travelling but it was super to get caught up with friends and family, not least the opportunity to catch up with my niece from Canada who has spent the last 6 weeks doing voluntary work in Kenya – it was great to compare notes. Monday morning worked round quick and the mayhem of the office has left me wondering when I’m going to get the chance to process my experiences…But there are always photos to bring back the memories. It’s going to take me a while to get some time to sort through my photos and I still want to do some updates on bits and pieces of my travels – be patient folks! As a wee taster here are some of the photos from the very special day when I met Nsengiyaremye…

 This is the Compassion project base

 Compassion staff: John on the left was my guide and translator for the day. Francois in the middle supports the young people with their educational activities and with letter translation. The lady on the right is the Project Director but unfortunately I've forgotten her name.

 Meeting Nsengiyaremye at last!

 Nsengiyaremye's mother kept thanking me.

 Nsengiyaremye's mother with John

 With Nsengiyaremye and his family outside their home. On the far left is Nsengiyaremye's younger sister, to the far right is his mother, and next to her, his father, and then the wee one is his nephew.

 Nsengiyaremye's mother and father

 Meeting Nsengiyaremye's goat!

Nsengiyaremye's mother insisted we get our photograph taken together

 Nsengiyaremye's home

 I can't express how good it was to be with Nsengiyaremye

 Taken out the back windscreen of the car as we left. The neighbours were out getting a good look. Nsengiyaremye is a gorgeous kid and I feel very privileged to have met him.

Incidentally there was an interesting programme on Radio 4 last week about child sponsorship and it explores some of the pros and cons of this method of aid. You can listen online here.

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