30 May, 2011

Getting ready

Jabs – check. Anti-malarials – check. Passport in date – check. Ear plugs – check (never travel without them!) Mosquito net – check. Camera – check. Packing – well there’s loads of stuff on the floor and that’s a start, I’ve a bit of time yet before the flight on Wednesday.

Eleven years ago in May 2000 I began sponsoring an 8-year old boy in Rwanda through Compassion UK. One week from tomorrow I will get to meet him in person. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. I’m also a bit nervous – What will we talk about? Will the football shirt I’ve bought fit him? Will it be awkward with me being the ‘rich’ mzungu/wazungu and him the beneficiary? But a bit of fear is a good thing and I think the encounter is going to be pretty special. I recently read through all the letters he’s written to me and I can hardly believe how much time has passed and that he’s grown into a young man. It will be great to see the project which has supported him with his education, provided health care and health education and how it’s benefitting other children. This trip is going to blow my mind!

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